Dry Rub Grilled Wings and a Spicy Dipping Sauce Recipe

Hi everyone!

I went to a BBQ at a friends place a couple weekends ago and brought these wings. They went over really well, I got a lot of complements on them and the bowl was empty almost as quick as is it was filled.
Don’t let the fact that this is a dry rub make you think for one second that the wings will be dry, these wings are good and moist.

I bought the wings at Costco and they were already split and had the tips removed. The package was 2kg (almost 4.5lbs) worth of wings for about $17 (a great deal if you ask me!). If you buy wings that aren’t already ready to go it’s quite simple to split them and remove the tips with either a pair of kitchen scissors or a sharp knife.
The recipe has cayenne pepper but I actually hadn’t realized I had run out so I substituted for 1 tsp of chilly flakes.

I have to apologize that there aren’t more pictures for this recipe as I was enjoying some beers and kind if forgot lol. Next time I make them I’ll try to remember to take some more. 🙂
I also had made a spicy dipping sauce for them (also forgot a picture of it haha) for those that like more heat. I’ll include this recipe under the wing one.

Dry Rub Grilled Wings


3-4 lbs (1.5-2kg) wings (tips removed and split)
6 Tbs paprika
1 Tbs fresh ground pepper
2 Tbs seasoning salt
2 Tbs sugar
1 Tbs chilli powder
1 Tbs garlic powder
1 Tbs onion powder
1 tsp cayenne powder


– Mix all dry ingredients together in a bag or bowl.
– In a large bag (I used the bag that they have in the meat section at Costco but you could use a large ziplock) put in the chicken wings and pour the rub in. Pinch the top of the bag with lots of air inside the twist it around to hold the air in and shake the heck out of it so the rub coats all the wings.
– These could go right on the grill now or you could put the bag in the fridge for up to a couple hours to let it marinate.
– Turn the grill to about medium heat (350F) and put your wings on in a single layer and let them grill for about 15 mins. Turn them over and let them go for about another 15. They should be nice and crispy and have some light charred spots.


Spicy Dipping Sauce


3/4 Cup plain yogurt (Greek is better but regular will do as well)
1/4 Cup mayonnaise
2 Tbs sriracha hot sauce (you can use more or less to adjust the heat level)


– Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!


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