That Bar-B-Q Place – Restaurant Review

Hi again friends,

So I am reviewing another BBQ restaurant. I hope you don’t start to think I’m a one trick pony lol I do enjoy a variety of different cuisines, I just happened to be convinced to go here by a coworker at lunch.

That Bar-B-Q Place is located in Sherwood Park. It’s a smaller restaurant with an order-at-the-counter style.


I ordered the Two Meat Combo which comes with 2 sides as well. I chose the ribs and brisket with corn bread and beans as my sides. The meat was delicious! Both the ribs and brisket were nice and moist and smoky. The rib meat fell off the bone and you could see the brown crusty rub on the brisket. The sides were so-so. The corn bread was a little dry and the beans were a little grainy. When I go back (I’m sure I will because this is a good lunch spot for me) I will try different sides.


This place is a cute little local restaurant with some good Bar-B-Q. I will happily give them some future business.

That Bar-B-Q Place on Urbanspoon

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!



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