Big City Sandwich – Food Truck Review

Hi everyone!

I am very excited to bring you this review this week. My hubby Ward and I ate at the Big City Sandwich food truck a couple weekends ago.

(Not a very clear picture sorry)

I had been trying to track down this truck down for a few weeks prior but they don’t seem to update the Street Food app all the time with when they are open. I finally just ended up Tweeting them to see if they would respond with their next planned location and low-and-behold I had success!! They tweeted me back and let me know where they would be and even told me what they would have on the menu! So Ward and I went down to their location, which happened to be the Creekwood community for their annual community birthday party. Turns out that the Creekwood community had paid for the food. Very cool and thank you! The sandwiches were only slider sized but wow were they packed with flavor! The 2 sandwiches that they were serving were ‘The Tijuana’ and ‘The Seoul’. Ward and I ordered both and shared.
The Tijuana has lime tequila marinated chicken breast, chipotle ancho chili mayo, lime and onion glaze, bacon, cheddar/jack cheese, guacamole and cilantro! Yum! All of the flavors played very well together. Nothing overpowering anything else, all complimenting each other nicely. The chicken on the sandwich was nicely grilled and still good and moist.


The Seoul is a Bulgogi beef ribeye sandwich which has grilled Bulgogi marinated ribeye beef, kim chi, jalepeno havarti, sriracha mayo, crispy fried onions and spring mix lettuce. The Seoul has a little bit of a kick to your tastebuds. The kim chi had a good flavor without being too spicy. The ribeye beef was also nice and moist. My only critique would be that perhaps there was a little more kim chi to beef ratio than I would have preferred but it wasn’t by much and I wouldn’t say the kim chi was overpowering.


Both sandwiches came with fresh home cut fries with their ‘Smack’ seasoning. They were crispy and well seasoned and delicious!
While we both agreed that the Tijuana was our favorite we also did enjoy the Seoul.
We are hoping to be able to track this truck down again before the end of the season. I hope it’s not too late for you to go and check them out too. You can follow them on Twitter (@BigCitySandwich) or Facebook to find out their next location.

Big City Sandwich Gourmet Food Truck on Urbanspoon

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!




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