Second Helping – Big City Sandwich Review Additions

Hi friends,

So I usually only post once a week but I have a confession to make. Since posting my review of Big City Sandwich I have eaten there again… twice… in a week… ok actually in the last 2 days. Shameful? Maybe. Delicious? Yes! Hitting the gym tomorrow? Most definitely!
Thursday they were stationed in the south east, in the general vicinity of my work. It didn’t take much convincing to get a couple coworkers to join me.
They were serving ‘The Baton Rouge’ a Jambalaya sandwich, ‘The Rome’ a burger with salami and provolone and ‘The Los Angeles’ a classic cheese burger. All of their sandwiches were priced at a very fair $10 each.
I had the Baton Rouge which was very tasty! This sandwich was loaded with cajun sausage, farmers sausage, chicken, bacon, pork loin, bell peppers, celery and red onion in a spicy brothy sauce, topped with jalapeño havarti, crispy fried onions and their chipotle ancho chili mayo. It had a good heat to it but not over the top. I got a half order of their home cut smack seasoned fries (available for $3 with a sandwich). I try not to eat fried food but I am addicted to these fries!


Both of my work friends went for the Rome burger which also looked really good. The burger was a nice big size and was clearly made from scratch and it had a generous helping of salami.


On Friday they were on the west end supporting an MS Bike Tour fundraiser. Since I only work half days on Friday I zipped home and picked up Ward so we could indulge in another mouthwatering lunch.
Their offerings this day were ‘The Nashville’ a ribeye grilled cheese, ‘The Portabello’ a vegetarian sandwich, ‘The Baton Rouge’ made an appearance and it was rounded out with their ‘Bacon Magic Poutine’. We ordered the Nashville and the Bacon Magic and shared them.
The Nashville, well what can I say… mmmm. The ribeye was smothered in a smokey BBQ sauce and the sandwich had a nice amount of cheese. It was grilled to perfection, golden and delish. I was actually sad I had to share and could only have half. Ps Ward if you had gone to the washroom or something that other half would not have waited for your return 😉

The Bacon Magic… I would describe the bacon magic as a ‘jam’. It was also topped with gravy and cheese curds and the fries were seasoned with smack seasoning. I would call this dish a home run!

Chris also came out to hand deliver us our food and say hi. I think because I’ve been Twitter stalking them and he wanted to make sure I wasn’t actually crazy 😛 I asked how long they plan on running this year and his answer was to point to the sky and reply “as long as we’re allowed to”. Good answer Chris. Sounds like their next few weeks will have some delectable offerings including a turkey dinner sandwich. Keep up the good work you guys!
I hope to be able to track them down at least one more time this year (though I am going to have to start doubling up on my gym time). I’m officially a sandwich stalker 😉
Big City Sandwich Gourmet Food Truck on Urbanspoon
Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!


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