Craft Beer Market – Restaurant review

Hi again.
So typically I won’t review “chain” restaurants but I am going to bring you a review of Craft since their focus is fresh local food and fresh local beer. They claim to have Canada’s largest selection of draft beers and with over 100 on tap, I’d say that’s a pretty decent selection. We went on a Friday night at about 9 and the place was already picking up. We had to wait about 5 minutes for a table but that’s not too bad. Our waitress came over and asked if we’d been there before, as Ward had but I had not she explained the drink menu to us then gave us a few minutes to decide.
The drink menu is quite extensive and it’s organized into beer types but one thing that would have been nice to see would have been the beers regions.
I ordered the Hoegaarden (0.5L for $9.25) and Ward got the Gouden Carolus (0.33L for $9.25). Both beers were quite tasty. Mine was light and citrusy, Ward’s was dark but still had a sweet note to it.


Their food menu is also a pretty wide selection with no real focus on cuisine type, ranging from burgers to fish tacos to a noodle bowl. I asked the waitress what was good and she suggested the butternut squash ravioli. The descriptions reads ‘house made pasta filled with roasted butternut squash and tossed in a Piri Piri emulsion and finished with toasted pumpkin seeds and squash chips” this was worth $16. I decided to give it a go. Ward ordered the Brewmaster’s Chicken Sandwich which has grilled ‘Natural Alberta’ chicken breast, avocado, bacon, aged cheddar, tomato, lettuce and red onion on a ciabatta bun served with fries for $15.

The ravioli was not bad but it was drown in the Piri Piri sauce. In my opinion if you’ve taken the time to make homemade ravioli that should be the star and with that much sauce it was hard to get a good taste of it.

IMG_1560.JPG(whoops forgot to take a picture before digging in hehe)


Ward’s sandwich was nothing special, just a chicken sandwich. He ordered it without tomatoes (I have an allergy to fresh tomatoes so this way I could taste it too). About half way through his sandwich he mentioned he thought it had a bit of a kick. I re-read the menu to see what it could be. Noting there indicating it should, so I started investigating. Turns out it was the sauce. I think it was a garlic aioli. Strange that it wasn’t included in the description. We also ordered wings as a starter. 1lb of maple bacon for $13. But there was a mix up in the kitchen and they didn’t come out until after we had our mains. We still ate them but thought it was a little weird with the timing.

Overall I wouldn’t make this a destination for their food, it wasn’t anything too special. But if your looking for somewhere with a good beer selection at a reasonable price to have a few pints with some friends it might be worth checking out.

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!

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