Careit Urban Deli – Restaurant Review

Hi friends! 

It’s been way too long since my last post. We moved and it’s been hectic! So far I have not had time to really test my new kitchen and see what the pair of us (kitchen and I) can get ourselves up to. But in the meantime I am happy to bring you a review of a little sandwich deli in my new neighbourhood. 

I’ve been going to Careit Urban Deli for a few years now. When I used to work on the west end it was close enough that we could go grab a sandwich during the lunch break.
Since Careit is so close to my new home and we’ve been so busy with unpacking, painting, organizing and such I’ve managed to eat there a handful of times in the last few weeks.
They strive for “as natural as possible without the extra cost“. All of the meats for their sandwiches are from local farms and are cooked in house. They now have a few locations in the city; Hamptons, Crestwood, St Albert and if I heard correctly one opening some time this year (2015) downtown.
I’ve tried s few of their soups and sandwiches. My favourite sandwich from what I have tried so far is the Turkey Swiss. It has real roasted turkey meat thinly sliced and piled high with cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes (which I skip), and pickled banana peppers. They smear some super tasty cranberry mayo on a fresh bun (your choice of white or brown). ($8) Yum! The best turkey sandwich I think I’ve ever had!

I’ve also tried the Vietnamese panini which has roasted pork loin with sesame mango sauce, pickled carrots, cilantro and optionally their other standard veggies of tomato, red onions, pickles and banana peppers. I was also offered a little Sriracha sauce to kick it up a notch. The sandwich had a good zing to it and was well balanced with the pickled carrots and sesame mango sauce. ($8.95)

As well they make fresh made soups daily. I’ve had a few of those too; mulligatawny, beef borscht, chicken noodle, broccoli cheese, Italian Turkey. All have been really good. 

And they sell ready to go meals, fresh meat and farm eggs. The beef stroganoff is really good and I just picked up the Singapore noodles to try for supper tonight. 

On Sunday’s they have brunch as well.

What doesn’t this amazing little deli do? 

As I’m sure you all know by now I love supporting small local businesses and the fact that Careit Urban Deli also supports local by purchasing fresh meats and veggies from area farmers makes them top notch in my books! 

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!


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The Organic Box – Review

Happy New Year food friends!

This post is going up a few days late because I was struggling with what kind of post to start the new year off with. I wanted to bring you guys a new healthy recipe, but I haven’t really been making anything fancy, I’ve just been eating a lot of fruits and veggies since the new year. So, I figured I’d let you know where I’ve been getting these fruits and veggies from.
About a month before Christmas I signed up for The Organic Box. They are a local family owned company that delivers ‘local’ organic produce to your door either once a week or once every 2 weeks. They have service in Edmonton, as well as a bunch of the surrounding areas. Such as, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon and Spruce Grove just to name a few.
They focus on local first, trying to keep as much of your dollar in our communities as possible.
“But we also define local by buying from people who act locally in their own communities (own their own land, pay their workers living wages) with the money staying in those communities.”
It’s this philosophy that ensures we can get a good variety of different fruits and veggies through the long winter months in Edmonton. Just this week I got a mango, blackberries and asparagus in my box (among some other great items).
There are 2 sizes of box to choose from; single/couple size or family size. Ward and I get the singles size (which is $38/week +tax) and it is more than enough for us for the week.
Each Friday I get an email from them letting me know I can fill my box. I just go to their website and pick from the list of available fruits and veggies. Typically they have already made some selections based on what is fresh and available, but if you don’t like or won’t use the items they have recommended you can simply remove those from your box selection hit submit and custom select what you want. I have found that depending on what I already have in my box the selection of what I can still add will change. This is likely due in part to the price of each item. Because of this the actual amount of fruit and veggies you end up getting will vary depending on what the value is of the items you choose. They are also very committed to the quality of the produce that they supply. So, if you ever have an issue with something if you let them know they will make it right.
They also have a large selection of other things you can add to your weekly order. Such as organic dairy and eggs, organic meat from Sunworks Farms, bakery items and many more. If you really wanted you could purchase absolutely everything you need for your kitchen needs through them and never have to go to the grocery store again. 😉
My weekly Organic Box arrives on the same day every week and roughly around the same time. They ask for you to provide detailed delivery instruction for if you are not home. So if I’m not home I just let them into my building and they leave the box outside of my apartment suite door. I’ve included some photos below of a couple of the different boxes that I have received over the last few weeks.
I also think it is very important to make a stand, by ‘voting’ with the dollars we spend. By buying organic produce, we can push out producers that use harmful pesticides that are killing bees. Not to mention all of the other problems chemical pesticides have.
One of my personal goals of 2015 is to try and shop more local. I agree with the values that The Organic Box has so I think they will be a service that I continue to use. I wish you all luck with achieving your goals for the new year. Together we can make them happen.

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!





2015/01/img_0668.jpg (Our dog clearly approves of this box)


Farm – Calgary Restaurant Review

Hi there food pals!

On our way back from Banff a couple weeks ago we stopped in Calgary to have some lunch with our good friends Mike and Amber (shoutout!). They took us to Farm on 17 Ave (from what I gather this is Calgary’s equivalent of Whyte Ave).

Their idea is food inspired by our beautiful province. Since we were there on Sunday we got their brunch menu. The brunch menu is fairly small, consisting of only 7 items and a special. I like when places keep their menu small; keep it small and do it right.
I ordered the special which was a porchetta benedict which had an olive tapenade spread on the halved English muffin, smoky porchetta, 2 poached eggs and a grainy mustard hollandaise sauce served with a fresh salad on the side (I don’t recall how much this was but I think it was around the $15 mark). The eggs were beautifully poached! Runny yolks mixed with the tangy creamy hollandaise sauce which was easily mopped up with the yummy English muffin which I would bet money on that it was also fresh. The olive tapenade sounds like a strange component for a benedict but it went wonderfully with the smoky pancetta. This dish was delicious and I scrapped my plate clean!


Ward ordered the French toast which was what they call a ‘french toast casserole’ topped with maple syrup and cinnamon whip and had seasonal compote on the side and 4 slices of bacon ($15). This was so good too. The ‘French toast’ was like a slice of cake and was moist and flavourful, the whip and the syrup were perfectly paired.

I really enjoyed this restaurant and would like to go back one day to see what kind of offerings they have for other meals.

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!

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