Duchess Bake Shop – Restaurant Review

Hi friends!

A few weeks back I met a friend for coffee and treats at Duchess Bake Shop on 124 street.


It’s a bustling little shop which has vintage style chairs and small marble topped tables and a few vintage couches. It was my first visit here and I had heard it can get quite busy but we had no trouble grabbing a table as one had just opened up as we arrived. What good timing 🙂
They have shiny, well lit display cases filled with many delights! We walked back and forth a few times trying to make our choices.




I decided on the tartiflette (potatoes, gruyère cheese, onions and fresh thyme layered on olive-oil-brushed foccacia $4.25), a key lime tart ($6) and a mocha. The tartiflette was very good, nice and cheesy and they warmed it just a bit. I honestly didn’t taste potatoes on it but that’s ok because the other flavours were very good. The key lime tart was delightful! Not too sweet, not to tart, the graham crust was just the right crunch and thickness. The mocha was also tasty and had a dark chocolate flavour.



My friend ordered the mushroom and marscapone Danish (croissant dough with a mascarpone and crimini mushroom mixture $3.25) and the brioche pepin (vanilla bean pastry cream and milk chocolate folded between brioche dough $3.00) and a latte.
I had a taste of the brioche pepin and it was quite good, not too sweet and nice and light dough.



The Duchess Bake Shop delivered some tasty treats on a chilly Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere was bustling yet calming. I look forward to my next visit 🙂

Thanks and until next time, enjoy your adventures!

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